Which Way to Go in My Business?

The question was Which Way to Go in My Business?

In early January 2015 ( 2 months after committing to starting my online business), I came to a split in the road.  I needed to make a decision about which way to go, or so I thought.


The issue was do I go with a done for me system that MOBE (the business I was a part of) was offering or do I brand myself in my own business?

I saw the below chart, developed by Entrepreneur and CEO of Strategic Profits, Richard Schefren’s , entitled “Internet Business Manifesto” in one of MOBE’s training courses which depicts practically everything that is involved or required in a business.

richard shefren slide on business

Although it’s difficult to see all the categories in pink, the yellow ones alone are enough to make a person really think about Which Way to Go when starting a business: Lists, Clients, Traffic, Relationships, Content, Legal Compliance,  Business Building, Market Analysis, Systems,  Sales, Technical, Finance, and Affiliate Marketing are just the tip of the iceberg .

Frustrated with technical aspects

And I was getting so frustrated with just the technical aspects of having to create everything on my own. I could only imagine what it would be like to have to deal with all of the above issues. It was really getting to be too much.

MOBE had a system where  everything was already done. It had a funnel,  products, lots of training and webinars, coaches to answer questions, a Support System, a great compensation plan, and a proven system that appeared by all intents and purposes to work. All I had to do was find and directing traffic to MOBE.

I on the other hand had nothing. No online business experience, let alone any kind of business experience! No idea about Internet Marketing or any kind of marketing! In the beginning I didn’t even know what directing traffic meant.

Then I saw  Matt’s video on this very topic – The questions was, “Should we create our own products or be an affiliate for someone else’s (products) especially when starting out?  http://www.askmattlloyd.com/episode-4/I

 Matt covered all the issues that were plaguing me.
  • I had so many skills I had to learn, particularly generating traffic,  why would I want to try and learn any more skills than was absolutely necessary to actually getting commissions?
  • If the goal was to make money on line, then being an affiliate for someone else’s products was the easiest way to go for a beginner
  • Creating and having to promote my own products would require learning so many more skills
  • Trying to do too many things and learn too many skills creates feeling of being overwhelmed

He basically said to keep it simple and to take the route that would take you to making money the fastest way.

So what did i decide?    Check out my next post to see what I decided to do.

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