What is Traffic?

TrafficTRAFFIC – what is it?

From pretty much Day 1 of my exposure to online business, I kept hearing about TRAFFIC and how crucially important it is to a business, how everyone wants it, and how to get it.

I really didn’t understand what all the talk meant in the beginning. In my head I saw a picture like the one above with lots of cars, but that’s not what it meant at all. Now I understand that it is about driving massive amounts of movement, circulation, people (e.g. traffic) to your business.

TRAFFIC is the primary aim of any business, be it online or traditional, and is  key to a successful and thriving business.


Generating TARGETED TRAFFIC is even more important because if you have tons of general traffic that isn’t interested in what you are selling, those people are not likely to become your customers. They just don’t care about what you are promoting. Targeted Traffic does the following:

  • Provides better chances of conversion
  • Better chances of conversion result in more sales
  • Builds your brand reputation
  • Provides for a better chance of repeat sales
  • Helps increases your page rankings
  • Ensures your business survival

As part of my training into MOBE, I took a terrific course called Traffic Master’s Academy (TMA).

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TMA provides excellent information an internet marketer needs to know about, the different types of TRAFFIC, how to generate it,  and how each method works.

The training presented 9 different strategies and provided instruction on each of these strategies from top internet marketing experts in these areas. These experts  actually utilize and work these strategies and made their fortunes.

Click  here  to access more information on MOBE’s Traffic Master’s Academy training. You won’t be sorry. This is a great investment for any business, traditional, brick and mortar, or internet based.

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