Power of Self-Imposed Consequences

power of self imposed consequences Can the Power of Self-Imposed Consequences help you achieve your goals? On May 10, 2015, I decided to test this concept out.

I  challenged myself to commit to something for 30 days.  Did I get it done? Read more to find out…

Did I do it?

I had just listened to a video by Matt Lloyd, CEO of MOBE where he challenged himself to complete a  90-day physical activities challenge.  The challenge was presented when he was teaching the audience about goal setting and how the power of self-imposed consequences could dramatically increase the chance of implementation and  achieving  goals.  Unfortunately he did not succeed and as a result had to give $10,000 to a charity. That was his self imposed consequence; if he failed he would lose money.

Regardless, I was very motivated by his video, so I took his lead … and decided to challenge myself for 30 days to do one physical activity every day for 30 days.  I announced this challenge on my personal Facebook and Fan Pages, said I would post everyday on what I did and be accountable to the challenge.  My self imposed challenge was public accountability.

Well I did it.  30 days of physical activities. Not only was it good for my body but it was GREAT for my mind/brain and soul.

I have to admit there were definitely 2 days when I DID NOT WANT TO DO anything physical at all.  But the public accountability made me do it, the power of self-imposed consequences helped me to achieve my goal and meet the challenge head on.

Other Consequences

There are other consequences a person can self impose to help in succeeding with a goal or when attempting  a challenge. These include:

  • loss of money
  • public humiliation
  • self worth/self esteem

As Benjamin Franklin said “You can do anything you set your mind to”, but it is easier said than done. A person can set goals, be internally motivated but still not achieve success.

Try imposing a consequence for not achieving a goal and see how strong the power of self-imposed consequences can be. It worked for me, why not for you? It can work in your life, in your business, with your relationships, and practically anything you want to accomplish.

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2 thoughts on “Power of Self-Imposed Consequences

  1. Hi Sara,

    I noticed you posted on my blog about having knee pain.

    I have had 3 spinal surgeries, that brings lots of pain, at 65 years I keep on pushing forward,

    Please check my site, on two companies that I use to help me with joint pain and building blocks for my body.

    Thank you Sara,

    1. Hi Brian, I didn’t realize that I actually posted on your blog. That’s interesting since I’m not sure I even know your blog/website name. Regardless, thank you for letting me know about resources for joint paint.

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