November and December Accomplishments

. I2014-accomplishments     November and December 2014 Accomplishments

I have always been a believer in lists, especially To-Do Lists. They make me feel organized and on top of the task. I love creating them and checking off the items as they are completed. What a feeling of accomplishment.  So I  decided to see exactly what my  November and December  Accomplishments  were.

This is a great activity to go through and it is recommended by many of the internet marketing experts. It tends to boost self esteem,  organizes your activities and makes you accountable for implementation. I refer to the list and my accomplishments when I’m feeling particularly frustrated because I think I’m not getting anywhere. So let me share what my November and December Accomplishments:

November 2014

November was pure training and information gathering.

  • Purchased MTTB on 11/7 which was the initial 21 step program.
  • Went through the 21 steps in 19 days and finished on 11/26.  Each step took at least 1 hour of reading or listening to videos.
  • In 19 days I learned the basics of Internet Marketing including traffic, conversions, sales, funnels, filters, follow up, and top tier products. I didn’t realize then that this was just an introduction, and there was so much to learn. Turns out I didn’t have clue what I was getting into.
  • Learned about the affiliate and licensee opportunities, the products, the compensation plan, other benefits, the available training, and the entrepreneur mindset.
  • Completed a workbook where I developed my personal goals and my WHY which was a huge “dig deep inside” activity.
  • Was introduced to JT Deboldt’s Daily Power calls and started listening to him every day. His motivational talks were inspiring and kept the momentum going.
  • Purchased MLR on 11/26 and  immediately started the next phase.
December 2014

I thought November was packed full of information, but it turns out that  December was even fuller.  It was was a total whirlwind of activities. Mostly, I was oriented to the products I had purchased:

  • MOBE Licensing Program – contained 5 modules and more. I learned how to set up the system, how to track my leads, sales, commissions and more, how I would be getting paid,  what my products were. It was overwhelming. I  listened to some of the modules more than once in order to understand, but ever then I had lots of questions.
  • Participated in 42 webinars that were put on by experts in these areas. By the end of the month, my focus was only on solo ads and blogging webinars and I was participating in at least 2-3 a week for both topics.
  • These 42 webinars resulted in me doing a lot of additional research on the internet.
    I initially focused on the direct mailing approach, but in the end,  I chose solo ads and blogging as my main traffic methods.
  • Related to solo ads, I learned about the various providers, what to ask them, and how to choose one to work with. Around  Christmas, I ran ads which resulted in 250  unique clicks and 73 opt ins, but unfortunately no sales.
  • Related to blogging, I started my own blog and published 4 posts.

Looking back on all of these November and December Accomplishments shows me how hard I had been working, and by the end of December I was ready for implementation!!

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