Accomplishments for September 2015

September  Accomplishments was about Taking Action everyday, moving forward and targeted goal achievement(s)  

Writing down my completed activities and evaluating my  accomplishments monthly makes me realize what I can do…the possibilities are endless.  You can do it TOO!  Put a plan together and get it done!!

Got-a-Plan  followed by take-action  =    h1_accomplishments

The following outlines most of  the daily actions and accomplishments done day in September.  The focus in September  was to continue to create and nurture relationships and an emphasis on activities relating to my blog.   Highlighted activities in yellow represent major accomplishments.

  • 9/1 – posted on 3 FB pages; Elite Earners Training, 1:1 contact
  • 9/2 – posted on 3 FB pages;  IMF and HBS posts; IM Truth list
  • 9/3 –  posted on 3 FB pages; August Accomplishment post published
  • 9/4 – 9/11 vacation and sick
  • 9/12 – Ray Higdon Blog training; posted on 3 FB pages
  • 9/13 – made decision to FOCUS on BLOG; FB messages to IMF people; 3 f/up emails for IM list; began to combine lists ($ and FF – will be eliminated); posted on 3 FB pages
  • 9/14 – Ray Higdon training, combining lists,Accountability Partner 1:1; republished Create a Blog post; posted in blogging groups; 2 f/up emails to lists; posted on 3 FB pages
  • 9/15 – day off
  • 9/16 – 38 f/up FB messages re: IM Truth Report;  published Plan post; posted on 3 FB pages
  • 9/17 – 1:1 skype; 3 f/up emails to lists; posted on 3 FB pages
  • 9/18 New Comcast list email;  1:1 contact; Jordon Harbinger training
  • 9/19 – email to Comcast list;  2 1:1 contacts; posted on 3 FB pages
  • 9/20 – Published Products Page; f/up emails to lists; posted on 3 FB pages
  • 9/21 – posted on 3 FB groups and 3 blogging groups; combined lists ; updated Inspired post; 30 f/up FB messages re: IM Truth Report; 2 1:1 contacts; Training on “Getting Booked  to Speak”; posted on 3 FB pages
  • 9/22 day off
  • 9/23 – published Successful/Profitable Blogs post; Training on blogs; 3 f/up emails to lists; 2 1:1 contacts; posted on 3 FB Pages
  • 9/24 – posted Profitable Blog in Blogging Groups; published Affiliate banners on Blog; added affiliate inks to Product Page in Blog; worked on running list of things to do document; posted on 3 FB pages
  • 9/25 – f/up email to lists; Free Friday training by Ray Higdon; posted on 3 FB pages
  • 9/26 – published Monetize Blog post; Ray Higdon training; posted on 3 FB pages
  • 9/27 – 1:1 contact; f/up emails to lists from Blog posts; combine lists (12 more);  posted on 3 FB pages
  • 9/28 – 1:1 contact; edited 9 posts including addition of PS with optins and signature; posted inf 3 FB Groups; Ray Higdon training; posted on 3 FB pages
  • 9/29 published Resistance to Selling post; Ask Matt Lloyd training; edited 5 posts to including PS with optins and signature; posted on 3 FB pages
  • 9/30 – day off

Targeted goal/activity achievements in September included:

  1. Focus on blog – I made a decision that my blog would be my focus as it is the hub of my business. So in Septebmer I worked on improving posts, adding P.S. statement with link opt ins to products and signature block to all posts, alt tags implemented, abided by SEO analytics list, committing to 3 posts per week (posts include new pages), publishing posts on blogging groups, creating follow up  emails from posts  and directing people to blog, monetizing blog activities,  banner ads for affiliates (MOBE, Ray Higdon, Aweber, Bluehost)
  2. Combining lists – fewer lists make them easier to manage
  3. Became Affiliate for 4 more businesses – Ray Higdon, Aweber, BlueHost, Lead Lightning = 6 Total (MOBE, My Email Mentor)

The above actions collectively resulted in the below numbers achieved by activity – (indicated if totals are to date) :

  • To date -F/up emails –  Make $ Online eliminated, Financial Freedom eliminated  Start Business Blog – 45 f/up and 14 broadcast ( 9 new total) , Buyers –  11 f/up and 4 broadcast; Truth About Internet Marketing –  24
  • 9 new posts in blog
  • 20 FB Fan Page posts; 203 fans
  • 19  FB posts; 762 friends
  • 116  – MOBE and Internet Marketing Newbies posts (includes new member welcomes); 233 Newbie members
  • total of 158 subscribers

If this helped you and you got value, feel free to share with your teammates, on Facebook, and comment below.  


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2 thoughts on “Accomplishments for September 2015

  1. That is great Sara – having a plan is so important; and tracking what you are doing. When you take consistent daily action and follow a plan things begin to happen. I usually take time on Sunday evenings to review what I did last week and plan what I want to accomplish in the coming week.

    1. Thanks for your comments Corinne. I’m not saying anything we want to do in life is easy, but making a plan and carrying it out even if it’s not quite the right plan helps in the long run to reach your goal. It’s kind of an easy no brainer, but it seems as if lots of people don’t know how to do it or just don’t want to. Maybe it’s because they don’t want that thing whatever it is bad enough to even make a plan.

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