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Get Inspired (Again)

Get Inspired…     How-to-Get-Inspired

We all have days when we’re totally uninspired, in a rut,  down right stuck and frustrated.  I just had a day like that and I have to say it was awful.  I was going through my emails, watching videos on internet marketing, looking at my daily list of things to do related to my business and getting sick of it all.  Everyone had  words of advice, something to sell that would make my life “better”, “my business successful” or just something  to “try out”. It became overwhelmingly depressing.

I kept asking myself, what should I do to get out of this state?  How was I going to get inspired?

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Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Why getting out of your Comfort Zone is so important…

In one of my earlier posts, I talked about my top ten realizations in starting a business. One of them, the last one in fact, was about travelling to the other side of Sara and reaching a state of higher consciousness where the miraculous happens. I talked about how going through the process of starting a business is affecting other parts of my life, my personal growth and my quest for enlightenment.  

But, how does all of this growth actually begin?life-begins-at-the-end-of-your-comfort-zone

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Mindset and How Important it is for Your Business

Your Mindset will either help you succeed in  life and business or make sure you will fail. There is much to learn about the  mindset of a successful entrepreneur/business person which can be applied to success in life. Mindset

So, after you have figured out your WHY  (read this post – and find out why your WHY is so crucial),  Mindset is the next important thing to work on.

Today I will describe what a successful entrepreneurial Mindset looks like, what some of the most successful entrepreneurs say about mindset, and provide you with additional articles to read on this subject.

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Are You Overwhelmed with Too Many Options?

Are you overwhelmed with too any options?

As you begin  your journey into creating or even growing your online business, do you feel totally overwhelmed by too many options? I am finding this to be true for me.

shiny-object-syndromeGetting distracted by the “shiny objects” adds to the feeling of being overwhelmed. I heard people talk about “shiny objects”, but didn’t understand what the shiny objects syndrome actually meant until I started the business.

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