What Can Happen in One Year?

One Year Ago          What can happen in one year’s time?  

For each person it’s different, but for me what happened in one year was amazing. What was it? You may ask.   It was My New Life — that’s what!

What can happen in one year? Where to begin?  Well you can start with My Story and read all about My Journey (check the subsequent posts in My Journey including the first 4 months),  My Realizations, My Plans (one for each month), My Accomplishments (one for each), My Business, and all the posts in between and after, which I would love for you to do, but if you want the shorter version here it is…

ShiftYourLifeLogo-1024x836One year ago today,  started what I thought was a new career in Internet Marketing (IM) where I would learn how to make money on line. I purchased a $49 dollar product (My Top Tier Business – MTTB, a product of MOBE that I thought would help me achieve this goal.

What it turned out to be was far greater than that.  What it turned out to be was a life shift. I started my own on line business. 

So you’re thinking what’s the big deal about starting your own on line business? Well here is the big deal  I not only learned about IM,  I continued on a personal development path that I would not have experienced if I was still working at a job. 

The life shift included some profound MINDSET Shifts which resulted in me  creating an A-Z List of MINDSET Shifts necessary to become successful in business and simultaneously in life. I have experienced many of these Mindset Shifts and continue to do so every day. One of the most significant shift has been getting out of my Comfort Zone.  Everyone should try this in their lifetime because as they say,  “It is when you get out of your Comfort Zone that the Magic happens!”your-comfort-zone-vs-where-the-magic-happens

I have developed so many skills including how to collaborate better,  coaching, mentoring, being more accountable and responsible, persistence, consistency, better daily habits and routines, and so much more.

i am meeting people and  making friends from all over the world. I am connecting with all kinds of people, which so much aligns with my desire to meet all  people from all over the world and eventually experience their cultures and learn their history to help in my ultimate quest to erase bigotry, racism and hatred on EARTH.

Besides these overarching abstract achievements, I have also accomplished specific IM skills that I didn’t even know existed a year ago. Specific IM accomplishments include some of the following:

  1. learned how to generate traffic in multiple areas: solo ads, FaceBook advertising , blog development (Yes I created my very own blog/website).
  2. wrote my own Report, “The Truth About Internet Marketing: What You Need to Know about Starting an Online Business” which I use as my lead magnet for the blog
  3. Created a Lead Capture Page
  4. Learned Aweber autoresponder and developed my own follow up emails
  5. Learned how to create and cloak links in text
  6. Learned the IM lingo which was a language I didn’t even know exists. Words and terms such as lead generation, email marketing, ROI, targeted traffic, marketing strategies,  affiliate marketing, network marketing, plugins for my WordPress blog, domains, hosting provider, SEO aka Search Engine Optimization, monetization, 

I am now also an Affiliate Marketer for a several business besides MOBE including Ray Higdon, Aweber, Bluehost, Lead Lighting,  Nerium (health/beauty products) and am implementing the multiple streams of income concept I learned this year from successful internet marketeers.

I am a now officially a blogger  with my own real estate on the Internet. I have published over 60 blog posts. I also have actual subscribers to my blog who follow me and real live comments on my posts. 

I have a Facebook Fan Page called Livethegoodlifewithsara with over 275 fans.

I started and am administering a Facebook closed Group called “INTERNET MARKETING with SARA” that has over 400 members, with many people from all over the world asking to join daily. 

I have over 800 “friends” on Facebook, including family members, close friends and many acquaintances.

I am learning to be a mentor, coach and teacher. And the benefits of coaching and teaching is how good it feels when the person “gets it” as a result of my mentoring, when the person accomplishes something they didn’t think they could do. I think i am just as happy when this happens as the person to whom it is happening. 

Turns out that MTTB became more than just a 21 step program to make money. It become the vehicle/my road map to experiencing a new adventure where  life is better than ever. I am living more fully.  i am experiencing more fully. All aspects of my life and personal development are being tested and challenged. Going through MTTB and subsequent trainings/experiences have made me different. 

I have embraced that concept that a person can a attain whatever she or he wants in life.

The Why that I had to figure out, the way I’m now focusing on the next chapter in my life My Theme, as JT Deboldt wanted us to define for 2015 (My Start Ups: My Business, My Health, and My Enlightenment) are all being worked on every day now. 

I can only imagine what the next year holds for me. My Business will expand — I want to focus on doing videos, webinars and coaching/mentoring. I want to create more products that will help people solve their problems.  My focus on Health and Enlightenment will continue.  The potential is huge.

So as Mae West says” You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”. So go out there and do your thing. I mean really do your thing. Experience life, fulfill a dream, accomplish your goals, live to your potential.  See what can happen in one year to you and how it could change your life.

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