Plan for June 2015

My overall Plan for June is to TAKE ACTION take-actionmoving forward     and MOVE FORWARD everyday!!

The focus will be MY Business Blog and developing MY Brand

I will continue in June what I started in May —  committing to take action and to move forward every day.  Each activity will be documented on a calendar daily and  the Accomplishments post for June will report the specific activities that were completed –  similar to the documentation that occurred in May.

In addition to the focus on MY Business Blog (e.g. posting regularly, monetizing the blog, using analytics and SEO strategies) and developing MY Brand, I will work on developing  relationships, posting targeted messages, and launching ads.

Accomplishments completed in June – was all about Taking Action everyday and moving forward.
Documenting my Plan, writing down my completed activities, and evaluating my  Accomplishments monthly helps me to realize what I can do.  You can do it TOO!  Put a plan together and get it done!!   h1_accomplishmentsJune 1 – 15
  •  6/1:  listened to Ray Higdon’s “3-Minute Expert” modules 5-11; published “May Accomplishments” post
  • 6/2:  Published “Plan for June” post; added plugin information to “Create a Blog” post
  • 6/3:  did something but did not document
  • 6/4:  added recommended plugins into my WordPress blog
  • 6/5: listened to Ray’s Module 12
  • 6/6:  Home Business Summit updates in blog, FB (personal and Fan Page, LinkedIn)
  • 6/7:  took the day off
  • 6/8:  worked on 30-day challenge post; promoted Elite learners (Axel Vaux) call with broadcast email to all lists except IM Freedom; listened to webinar; began learning SEO for blog
  • 6/9: status updates on FB
  • 6/10: published “Power of Self-Imposed Consequences” in blog, posted in Google, LinkedIn, FB – personal and Fan Page and sent out broadcast email to all lists except IM Freedom; status updates on FB; participated in Ray’s Q and A session; worked on “plugins” post
  • 6/11:  participated in Raena Lynn’s MOBE training and did broadcast email to lists ; f/up emails to my affiliates
  • 6/12:  took the day off
  • 6/13:  added 24 f/up emails to Make$ online list = total 100
  • 6/14: published “plugins” post; time sensitive email to lists re: increases in MOBE;  listened to Ray’s Module 13
June 15 – 30
  • 6/15:  updated IM Freedom post and in related social media platforms (really hard and frustrating day!)
  • 6/16: broadcast emails to San Diego segments of lists re: IM Freedom Workshop and “What can I help you with?”;  reached out to 2 people (really good day!)
  • 6/17:  “Plugins” post in FB and Blogging groups
  • 6/18: listened to Ray’s Modules 15-21 and Q and A session
  • 6/19:  Broadcast email on “Ever Scammed?”; figures out plugins issues (Google analytics)
  • 6/20:  published “The Truth about Internet Marketing” post
  • 6/21: took the day off
  • 6/22: listened to Ray Higdon’s 29 leads; 2 emails -“Benefits of Starting a Business and Business” and “Dos and don’t of Starting a Business” in Start a Blog list; email to Ray about getting bonus; reached out to 3 people; started working on Truth about IM, Part 2; 7 f/up emails for Start a Business on Blog list
  • 6/23: did something but did not document
  • 6/24:  listened to Ray’s Module 22
  • 6/25:  started working on lead magnet/opt in on Truth about Internet Marketing, etc.
  • 6/26:  Broadcast email re: San Diego IM; after 3 trys, finally was able to purchase FB ad on San Diego and LA IM Workshops; fixed banners on IM Workshop and HBS in blog; continued work on lead magnet/opt in on Truth about Internet Marketing, etc.
  • 6/27: continued work on lead magnet/opt in on Truth about Internet Marketing, etc.
  • 6/28: continued work on lead magnet/opt in on Truth about Internet Marketing, etc.; finalized Supercharge Summit arrangements
  • 6/29: Bad Day! Frustrations and was down!
  • 6/30: did something but did not document
The above actions collectively resulted in the below numbers achieved by activity – (indicated if totals are to date) :
  • To date -F/up emails (includes broadcast to each list) – Make $ Online – 105, Financial Freedom –  39, Start Business Blog – 22 , Buyers – 3
  • posts in blog
  • 19 FB FP posts
  • 24 FB posts
  • 4 LinkedIn posts
  • FB advertising to promote IM Freedom Workshop in San Diego and LA = 60 (17  for 1838 + views and 61 likes of page
  • 117 Fans on FB
  • 467 Friends on FB
  • 148 people on all lists combined
  • 6 people reached out and developed relationships
  • used one topic and spread it out 5 ways: 1) post in blog; 2) post in FB personal; 3) post in FB FP; 4) post in LinkedIn; 5) create f/up emails to lists
  • participated in at least 3 weekly webinars/trainings (= 15)
  • finished 30-day physical activity challenged
My walk-away lessons –  

learned for this month were that consistency and taking action every day results in the completion of many activities that lead to finding and increasing the number of targeted leads, building relationships, and establishing  viable business.

Putting a plan together and documenting the results is a great way to feel successful and accomplished. It accelerates your evolution and makes life that much more enjoyable.

Here are a couple of links to articles that explain the benefits of documenting your accomplishments:

No matter how you progress in your business, don’t forget to document what you do so that you can actually see what you’ve accomplished. Putting together a Plan is a great idea, taking action is even better.

If this helped you and you got value, feel free to share with your teammates, on Facebook, and comment below.  


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