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sara88My Story…

and how it relates to your SUCCESS.

In 2014, I started an online business, thinking it might be a good way to make more money. I mean everyone can use more money, right?  Money I could use to pay off bills, make sorely needed home improvements, and travel all over the world. I could meet people from everywhere, learn their cultures, and truly experience life. Maybe along the way, I could even help rid the world of the hate and bigotry that exist. What an idea! LOL.

Between 2014 and now, I experienced the online internet marketing world.  I created a fanpage, I started a FB Page on Internet Marketing, I invested in a couple of businesses, I learned all about affiliate marketing and promoted products mostly related to online businesses and network marketing. I started coaching people and I even made some money.

Soon however, I realized that I wasn’t just learning about the internet, marketing and business, I was learning about me, about who I was,  who I am and who I wanted to be.

Fast forward to April of 2016

…when I was working on My Vision Board.  It was finally put together in as final a form as I have it now at the end of July, 2016. So many things on that Vision Board that I want out of life and that I am working on.

Right around that time, I started following Bob Proctor, the man that introduced me to Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale and others in the world of personal development. I watched his YouTube videos, read his posts/articles, and got to “know” him. One day I got THE email. It was about a free Bob Proctor webinar, Goal Achievers Summit Event scheduled for July 2016. I couldn’t go to the live event in Los Angeles, but immediately signed up for the livestream event, where I would be there virtually. Shortly thereafter, I became a Bob Proctor affiliate and starting promoting his various products.

For the next few months, my life started to change. I started doing things that I had been wanting to do for years. My biggest life changer was the trip I took to Israel. It was a trip of of a lifetime which totally changed my life.  I even wrote a Memory Book about the trip which I will make available as soon as I make some changes to it.

Website changes

As part if all the changes I have gone through, this website also got changed.  It started off as a place where people would learn just about everything on internet marketing, how to become an affiliate marketer, how to create a website and advertise, promote and market products and so much more, all related to this one primary objective.

But because of the things I experienced over the last 2 years, this site is now a place devoted to everything you need to know  about how to Succeed in Life, not just in Business, but in LIFE. It is about personal development, how to grow, how to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, how to make things happen, how to truly livethegoodlife.

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3 thoughts on “My Story – Your Success

  1. Hi Sara,
    I spent a little time reading your blog and how your new business is coming along.
    I don’t think I could do what you are doing on your new life after retirement.
    I can see it is a lot of work but you seem to enjoy detailing day to day work progress with your new business.
    Actually it is interesting to read and feel you have to know what will be the next step in this business.
    I applaud you for the courage you have to keep track of your progress in MOBE and I am sure you will have good results at the end. Determination is very important and not everybody is up to accomplishing those tasks.
    Michel Larin ( your Canadian partner)
    ps: I am very happy to have met you and join forces with you

    1. Hi Clyde, thanks for your kind words. Greatly appreciated. I really like working on my blog and realized for the thousandth time today the importance of having a blog. I am working on making it my business hub, and as you probably know there is so much to it, monetization, lead magnets, relevant posts, so much. I learned a lot for Ray Higdon and some of his products. I checked out your blog. It looks like a great beginning. There are a some simple fixes that I can recommend. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about improving it and keep up the good work.

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