My First 9 Months as a Blogger

bloggerMy First 9 months as a Blogger…

…has resulted in the creation My Blog/domain/website — I now own a piece of real estate on the Internet!! and just as important, I have created my Business through My Blog, I have published  56 posts and 6 Pages. I have 13 draft posts waiting for me to finalize. I am constantly working on My Blog, my brand, myself. My Blog is my Business hub and I am proud of what I have learned and the blogger that I have become.  

 I’ve learned about: WordPress (the software that runs the blog/website); BlueHost (the website provider); plugins; adding pictures; doing research for my posts; building a following; branding myself; and so much more not just about blogging, but Internet Marketing and what it can do to make a difference in the my life and my world.

This post is a celebration of the success I have achieved with my blog, my posts, and my skills. It lists all of my blog articles and Pages since the beginning and provides links to each one, you can get immediate access to any post that interest you. 

Here are all of my published posts from 12/20/14 – 9/30/15  (Note: some of these posts were edited and republished since the initial publication date. As a result, some of the titles may have changed and the published dates represent the most recent posting.)

  1. Hello World  on 12/20/14
  2. Part One of the Journey – The First 3 weeks with MTTB on 12/23/14
  3. The First 3 Weeks…MTTB and MOBE (cont.) on 12/28/14
  4. Part Two of the Journey – the next 5 weeks with MOBE on 12/31/14
  5. Realizations about Starting a Business on 1/1/15
  6. More Realizations about Internet Marketing  on 1/2/15
  7. Part Three of the Journey – The Plan on 1/6/15
  8. November and December 2014 Accomplishments on 1/9/15
  9. How Much do You Want It? on 1/16/15
  10. Are You Overwhelmed by too many Options? on 1/16/15
  11. Which Way to Go in My Business? on 1/22/15
  12. Decision on Which Way to Go on 1/23/15
  13. Because MOBE Works on 1/25/15
  14. Traffic on 1/28/15
  15. Accomplishments in January 2015 on 1/31/15
  16. The Plan for February 2015 on 1/31/15
  17. Thank Goodness for YouTube on 2/3/15 
  18. What is Affiliate Marketing? on 2/7/15
  19. We Sell Good Traffic on 2/8/15 
  20. 15 Ways to Focus and Produce on 2/25/15
  21. The Plan –  Accomplishments in February on 2/28/15
  22. Plan for March 2015 on 3/2/15
  23. My Journey Continues…the First 4 Months on 3/7/15
  24. Ask Matt Lloyd on 3/8/15
  25. Feeling High and Ecstatically Happy on 3/9/15 
  26. Do you Need Money to Make Money? on 3/13/15
  27. The Dreaded Learning Curve on 3/23/15
  28. March Accomplishments on 3/31/15
  29. Plan for April 2015 on 4/6/15
  30. How Important Targeted Traffic Really Is on 4/11/15
  31. Accomplishments for April 2015 on 5/2/15
  32. Plan for May 2015 on 5/2/15
  33. 50 Ways to Get and increase Targeted Traffic on 5/4/15
  34. What’s Most Important? on 5/23/15
  35. Accomplishments in May 2015 on 6/1/15
  36. Plan for June 2015 on 6/2/15
  37. Power of Self Imposed Consequences on 6/10/15
  38. Must have Plugins for your WordPress Blog on 6/14/15
  39. Create Your Own Blog on 6/17/15
  40. The Truth about Internet Marketing on 6/20/15
  41. Accomplishments in June 2015 on 7/2/15
  42. Business Plan for July 2015 on 7/2/15
  43. Mindset and How Important it is for Your Business on 7/15/15
  44. Accomplishments in July 2015 on 8/1/15
  45. Be Empowered and Become Successful on 8/5/15
  46. The Truth about internet Marketing – Part 2 on 8/11/15
  47. Do You Really Need a Coach? on 8/28/15 
  48. FREE IM Freedom Workshops on 9/2/15 (republished several times)
  49. Home Business Summit MOBE on 9/3/15 (republished several times)
  50. Accomplishments in August 2015 on 9/3/15
  51. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone on 9/14
  52. Is a Plan Really that Important? on 9/17/15
  53. How to get Inspired (Again) on 9/21/15
  54. Turn Your Blog into a Profitable Business on 9/24/15
  55. Monetize your Blog on 9/27/15
  56. Do you have Resistance to Selling?  on 9/30/15

Here are my Pages:

  1. Home – Welcome to Live the Good Life with Sara
  2. My Story
  3. Blog (Static Page)
  4. Contact Me and Work with Sara
  5. MOBE/MTTB Review
  6. Products

So now I am officially a blogger.  There is more to learn, more to improve and more to experience through this blogging journey. I am sure of it!

If this helped you and you got value, feel free to share with your teammates, on Facebook, and comment below.  


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3 thoughts on “My First 9 Months as a Blogger

  1. So now its 1 year and 3 months since you are blogging. Can you tell us how many atricles you have now on the site and what is your monthly traffic ?

    1. Hey John, good questions. Re: how many articles I now have on the site…65 published and 15 drafts pending. So there is an increase of a little.
      Re: monthly traffic, the news is not good. I get a trickling of people joining, mostly through my lead magnet. So definitely have to work on getting more traffic. Isn’t that what we are working on increasing – targeted traffic.

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