Mindset and How Important it is for Your Business

Your Mindset will either help you succeed in  life and business or make sure you will fail. There is much to learn about the  mindset of a successful entrepreneur/business person which can be applied to success in life. Mindset

So, after you have figured out your WHY  (read this post –   http://wp.me/p5xbFd-6w and find out why your WHY is so crucial),  Mindset is the next important thing to work on.

Today I will describe what a successful entrepreneurial Mindset looks like, what some of the most successful entrepreneurs say about mindset, and provide you with additional articles to read on this subject.

Let’s start with what the successful Mindset looks like.  From A-Z, here are just some of the critical Mindset shifts you need to incorporate in your thinking:

  1. Avoid naysayers
  2. Love your Business and always be thinking about it, not just during the 8-hour work day
  3. Choose Courage over fear
  4. Be responsible for all Decisions good or bad
  5. Be Energetic every day
  6. Anticipate Failure, learn from it, and move on
  7. Be Grateful
  8. Peer over the Horizon to the next big thing that’s waiting to be done
  9. Be Inquisitive, Inquiring and Inspirational
  10. Enjoy the Journey
  11. Know that you have to look at things differently
  12. Embrace and be passionate about Lifelong Learning
  13. Spend Money and invest in yourself
  14. Know your Numbers
  15. Become an Organized planner
  16. Care about Performance and Process
  17. Don’t Quit
  18. Enjoy breaking the Rules
  19. Be Selfreliant and confident
  20. Be willing to Take risks
  21. Know that your new normal will be feeling Uncomfortable
  22. Hold both short and long-term Visions simultaneously
  23. Have a purpose, a vision and a WHY
  24. Exhibit a positive attitude
  25. Believe in Yourself
  26. Get out of your Comfort Zone

Who are some of the most successful entrepreneurs out there and what do they say about Mindset?

Here are some links to a few great articles about Mindset.

In closing, remember that  Life begins at the end of your Comfort Zone and working on your Mindset will take you there.  Taking these steps will take you to the next level of transformation and to a higher consciousness, self-awareness and your true potential.

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12 thoughts on “Mindset and How Important it is for Your Business

  1. Hi Sara,
    From what I read it is obvious a great mindset is also a successful person.
    Using your mindset correctly will lead you to many opportunities in life.
    We don’t practice mindset enough in general. You have to stop and think before you react to any situation.

    1. Hi Michel, thanks for your comment. I totally agree … successful people (in life and in business) have a certain mindset that takes them to places and experiences that others do not/cannot go to.

      1. Yes Sara,
        I also believe having the right attitude in life will take you to places you have never been before.

        1. so true…Michel…so true. Charles Swindoll said “…life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it”.

    1. Hi Tommy, thanks for your comment. Yes, that is the key…to do whatever it takes and of course for many that is the challenge.

    1. Hi Joan, thanks for your comment. I look forward to developing this “right” mindset. I know I have to work on it every day and somehow it’s getting easier as time goes by.

  2. Everything starts with mindset.. Without it, no marketing strategy will ever work. You have to prepare yourself to get uncomfortable. And I love the way you put into alphabetical sequence! Awesome post!

    1. Hi Jelena, thanks for your comment. I had fun writing this post – especially the alphabetical sequence you mention. TX

  3. Hi Sara, Very good and important post on mindset, if most people focus more on mindset development, they would not quit and call network marketing a scam.

    1. Hi Calvin, thanks for your comment. I never thought of it that way, but you’re right… if people focused more on their mindset, they would not quit. I guess the problem may be that it’s too hard of a thing to do for many people because they don’t even know their WHY, their purpose, their passion, so there is nothing to motivate a mindset shift.

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