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Description of My Journey starting an online business

My First 9 Months as a Blogger

bloggerMy First 9 months as a Blogger…

…has resulted in the creation My Blog/domain/website — I now own a piece of real estate on the Internet!! and just as important, I have created my Business through My Blog, I have published  56 posts and 6 Pages. I have 13 draft posts waiting for me to finalize. I am constantly working on My Blog, my brand, myself. My Blog is my Business hub and I am proud of what I have learned and the blogger that I have become.  

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Which Way to Go in My Business?

The question was Which Way to Go in My Business?

In early January 2015 ( 2 months after committing to starting my online business), I came to a split in the road.  I needed to make a decision about which way to go, or so I thought.


The issue was do I go with a done for me system that MOBE (the business I was a part of) was offering or do I brand myself in my own business?

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November and December Accomplishments

. I2014-accomplishments     November and December 2014 Accomplishments

I have always been a believer in lists, especially To-Do Lists. They make me feel organized and on top of the task. I love creating them and checking off the items as they are completed. What a feeling of accomplishment.  So I  decided to see exactly what my  November and December  Accomplishments  were.

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More Realizations about Internet Marketing

More Realizations about Internet Marketing  

MyBusiness6.     While my initial perception of MOBE was that it is a system that has its own infrastructure that I could promote, the reality is that a lot of the training assumes that people’s ultimate goal is to start their own business and goes further advises to eventually starting your own business. That means setting up your own infrastructure, creating your own email list, following up with the people on your list and so much more. The focus as I understand it is to create a your own Business where you promote yourself and what you can offer. MOBE can be one of the products that your business promotes in addition to products you may develop yourself down the road.

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Realizations about Starting a Business

    Realizations Top 10 Realizations about Starting a Business

My Realizations About what it meant to start a  Business were experienced during the Next Five Weeks of My Journey –after I had gone through some basic training, a lot of thinking and analyzing, researching, reading, and talking to lots of people that I experienced my Realizations about Starting a Business.  It wasn’t just one realization, but rather a lot of ah ha moments, when the light bulb turned on  in my brain and I was really starting to “get it”.  I know that I experienced other realizations during this time and that I will  definitely experience more in the future as I travel the Journey, but here are my first five realizations.. the beginning of my list.

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