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Happiness Thoughts…

The Internet is full of articles, posts, opinions, products, webinars, seminars, educational products, Youtube videos, what else? there must be more things out there —  about truly experiencing happiness in your life, about banishing negative thoughts, about thinking positively and how thinking this way – I mean REALLY Thinking this way – will change your life.

Here’s another post about this topic. I’ve put together ideas that I’ve picked up over time, links,  websites, and other resources that will definitely help you in this area of your life but only if that is what you REALLY want to do.

Here are some ideas I’ve picked up over time…

  • Practice inner mindfulness. Be present with your thoughts. Be aware of them. Note the type of affect they have on you and how they affect you.  Then start the transformation by releasing the negative thought and replacing it with a positive thought.
  • Strengthen that mind muscle and reclaim your mind.
  • Ask yourself 7 question about your thoughts. Then answer them honestly and by the time you get to the 7th question, you will probably be ready to let it go.  these questions will expose your thinking for what it is.
  1. Says who? – Take ownership of the thoughts you want to change
  2. Have I heard someone say this thought before? In your past, parent, authority figure, etc.  and we took that thought on as real and true.  Confront challenge the thought or it will stick around
  3. Do I like this thought? If yes, interesting awareness. Probably not.
  4. Does this thought make me feel better? is it enhancing your life, is it making your job better? Probably not
  5. Does the negative thought work for me? Probably not
  6. Am I in control of this negative thought or is it in control of me?
  7. Do I want to keep this negative thought or let it go?
  • Need to confront the negative thought or you will continue to believe it.
  • We give away our power  when we believe these negative thoughts.

Be analytical about these negative thoughts. identify and realize that it does not belong to you, can begin the process to let go of something that has power over you.

if you want to change your thoughts from negative to positive, destructive to constructive, need a way/process to change. Will take time. That’s because it easier to have negative thoughts. Why? Because somehow they are natural and comforting and have become habits of a lifetime. What is familiar to us we get attached to . It’s not the unknown, it is predictable, it is a comfort zone for some people. Scared about changing yourself

It’s time to  change these habits if they have not done you well in life. Negativity does not serve us well.  There are many ways to change these negative habits: affirmations, being around people that think similarly, being mindful of what is going on in your head as the negative thought appears so you can change it.

I got little handout “Happiness Habits” in a class I recently took that I carry around with me. All thanks go to Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, one of the teachers I was honored to experience recently in Israel. Rabbi Pliskin suggests that we say each of these affirmations 5 times a day for 1,000 days. Can you imagine?  I think I will have to start doing it.  Maybe every morning as part of my routine.  (Another activity to add to my morning routine).  Click on the picture below and you will see the 9 habits.                           


When things aren’t going right, or I can’t get rid of a negative thought, or I want to get rid of a negative thought, I often look at these habits and remind myself of how powerful they are. These habits will give you a skill set to help you navigate the negativity. You will become more creative, more productive and feel way better about yourself.

Right below the Happiness List, I post Rabbi Pliskin’s Unhappiness list.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of positive affirmations on the Internet that can help you with anything you want to change. Just Google it.

   Click on this Unhappiness Habits  List and ruin your life.

14 Commandments for a Happy Life and Soul  (Yes I know, the Huffington Post says 12 Commandments in their Title…)

  1. Choose and Radiate Happiness
  2. Enjoy the Pleasures of Life
  3. Make Empowered Choices
  4. Live in Gratitude
  5. Own your Gifts
  6. Listen to Your Heart
  7. Be Creative and Curious
  8. Take Care of Yourself
  9. Commit to Self Love
  10. Be Present and Mindful
  11. Remember Measure and Balance
  12. Creation over Reaction
  13. Adopt Namaste Consciousness
  14. Think Give
More Resources…there are sooooo many out there. Here are just a few:

Success Magazine has tons of articles in their Personal Development, Well-Being, and Business Sections about developing good habits, staying happy, being fulfilled and so much more.

Banish Negative Thoughts Podcast

Bob Proctor Resources

Napoleon Hill and Think and Grow Rich

Live Happy Magazine

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