Are You Overwhelmed with Too Many Options?

Are you overwhelmed with too any options?

As you begin  your journey into creating or even growing your online business, do you feel totally overwhelmed by too many options? I am finding this to be true for me.

shiny-object-syndromeGetting distracted by the “shiny objects” adds to the feeling of being overwhelmed. I heard people talk about “shiny objects”, but didn’t understand what the shiny objects syndrome actually meant until I started the business.

distractionsThose shiny object distract from the bigger picture and you tend to  go off on tangents instead of remaining focused on the goal.

They are also just new ideas or the latest fad that you want or think you need.

And when you get distracted by them, you tend to go off in a million directions and never complete anything.

Although there is great energy and excitement in learning something new, this loss of focus definitely affects my (and your) productivity, wastes countless hours of time, and costs more money.

It’s not  that the new idea or product isn’t a good one. In many cases, it is. But when I’m caught up in the syndrome I don’t think through whether this new item, technique service or product is even right for my business.

Think Strategically

I know it’s hard for me not to get excited about these very cool new ideas that I run across. And you too will get excited. But as Karyn Greenstreet mentions in her article, think strategically about these things before you get off on your new tangent:

  • Is it a good fit for your business?
  • Do your customers want this product?
  • Are they willing to pay for it?
  • Do you have the time, resources, energy and money to put into the new idea to make it successful?
  • How many projects do you have open  waiting around that need to be finished before beginning something new?
  • What do you  have to drop in order to start this new thing, process, etc.?

Innovation is great! But your focus should be on what is most important for you, your business and your customers!

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