Accomplishments in May 2015

Accomplishments in May

So my plan for May was to Take Action!! take-action

And boy did I Take Action!!

Here are my Accomplishments in May documented for each day of the month…
First Half of May
  • 5/1:  published 2 blog posts (“April Accomplishments”, “May Plan”); reached out to 2 people; created 5 follow up emails for blog subscribers from FF list
  • 5/2:  Is “MTTB Scam? “ email to blog subscribers; reached out to 1 person
  • 5/3: Researched for 2 hours; Thank Yous (TYs) to FB FB likes
  • 5/4: Published “50 Ways to Increase Traffic” post in blog; reached out to 2 people; TYs
  • 5/5: published “Traffic” post in LinkedIn, FB, created emails to all lists on “Traffic” post; ; 2 follow up emails to blog subscribers  on “Traffic”
  • 5/6: Published Plan  post on FB FP; reached out to 2 people;  2 “Traffic” emails to FF list
  • 5/7: 3 F/u emails on (“Traffic” and “Journey” to Make $ Online List; reached out to 3 people; TYs
  • 5/8: reached out to 1 person (F/u email to buyer); technical achievements – published “public” in Google (but already forgot and need to figure it out again); IM Revolution Handbook email f/up in word document
  • 5/9: 3 f/up emails to FF List
  • 5/10: 4 f/up done for you emails to Make $ Online List; finalized FF 4.0 Capture Page and Aweber integration completed; started my self-initiated 30 day physical challenge
  • 5/11: 2 f/up emails to FF List; FB posts on Home Business Summit
  • 5/12: Broadcast email to all lists
  • 5/13 did something but did not document
  • 5/14: reached out to 4 people
  • 5/15: Though about givein IM Freedom Handbook Revolution away for free?; reached out; rearranged f/up emails; Dream Event.
Second Half of May
  • 5/16: Finalized swipe for solo ad; 3 f/up emails
  • 5/17: did something but did not document
  • 5/18: Finalized solo ad campaign with vendor; 2 people reacged
  • 5/19: Reviewed/edited 13 posts to update hyperlinks and urls
  • 5/20: Solo ad launched; reviewed/edited 7 posts to update hyperlinks and urls in blog
  • 5/21: Reviewed 3 posts to update hyperlinks and urls in blog;  updated IM Freedom posts in FB;  Published  “What is Most Important” Post (40 reaches in FB); set up FB ad for website boost (5/22-5/29 and reached 4000+ views and 55 clicks on website)
  • 5/22: f/up emails Make $ Online
  • 5/23: “What is Most Important” on FB and LinkedIn
  • 5/24: no documentation
  • 5/25: no documentation
  • 5/26: no documentation
  • 5/27: no documentation
  • 5/28: 6 f/up emails Make $ Online; made IM Freedom updates in FB (learned to pin a post to the top of the page in FP)
  • 5/29: Purchased Ray Higdon’s 3 Minute Expert
  • 5/30:  Listened to 4 modules from Ray Higdon’s purchase: How to Effectively use this Course; Why Blogging; Where to Get Your Blog Done if You Don’t Want to Do it; Google Analytics Set up
  • 5/31: Published this post

The above actions collectively resulted in the below numbers achieved by activity – (indicated if totals are to date) :

  • To date -F/up emails (includes broadcast to each list) – Make $ Online – 94, Financial Freedom – 28, Start Business Blog – 22 , Buyers – 0
  • posts in blog
  • 38 FB FP posts
  • 31 FB posts
  • 2 LinkedIn posts
  • FB advertising to promote Website = $35  for 4,000+ views and 55 clicks on website
  • 102 Fans on FB
  • 425 Friends on FB
  • 168 people on all lists combined
  • 10 people reached out and developed relationships
  • used one topic and spread it out 5 ways: 1) post in blog; 2) post in FB personal; 3) post in FB FP; 4) post in LinkedIn; 5) create f/up emails to lists
  • participated in at least 3 weekly webinars/trainings (= 15)
  • 22 days straight in the 30 day self initiated physical activity challenge
My walk-aways/

lessons learned for this month were that consistency and taking action every day results in the completion of many activities that lead to finding and increasing the number of targeted leads, building relationships, and establishing  viable business.

Putting a plan thereto and documenting the results is a great way to feel successful and accomplished. It accelerates your evolution and makes life that much more enjoyable. I want to share Mae West’s quote… “You only live once, but if you do it right  once is enough”.

If this helped you and you got value, feel free to share with your teammates, on Facebook, and comment below.  


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