Accomplishments in July 2015

Accomplishments in July…all about Taking Action everyday and moving forward.

Documenting my Plan, writing down my completed activities, and evaluating my  Accomplishments monthly helps me to realize what I can do.  You can do it TOO!  Put a plan together and get it done!!

Got-a-Planfollowed by …   take-action    followed by…


Although I did more than was actually documented here (because documentation takes time and is not always done for each and every action taken), the following outlines most of  my daily actions and accomplishments taken each day in July.

7/1/15 – 7/15/15
  • 7/1:  Published June Accomplishments post; requested 1st check from E-Wallet.
  • 7/2:  Published July Business Plan post; committed to completing Report, “The Truth about Internet Marketing”  to be used as a lead magnet for my website;  posted on FB page and Fan page about challenge of finishing the report; reached out to 3 people; finished Report and sent out to 7 people for feedback
  • 7/3:  day off
  • 7/4:  worked on lead page for Report and Aweber ( 3 hours)
  • 7/5:  extended FB ad for IM Freedom in LA
  • 7/6: resolved Aweber and attachment issue; scheduled broadcast email for Report; finalized Report; JT Deboldt and Ask Matt Lloyd
  • 7/7:  Broadcast went out with Report to all lists
  • 7/8:  Created lead box; Broadcast email about Thursday call; got business cards
  • 7/9:  day off
  • 7/10: day off
  • 7/11: IM Truth lead box on website (antoher 2 hours)
  • 7/12: worked on IM Truth (another 2 hours); updated HBS post; San Diego HBS post on Linkedin, Google, FB personal and FB; reached out to 47 people from San Diego and LA HBS promotion;
  • 7/13: IM Report picture/lead magnet on website – Yeah!! (huge accomplishment); reached out to 22 people from San Diego and LA HBS promotion
  • 7/14: promoted Matt’s MLR Live Webinar; Get Motivated all day event
  • 7/15:  watched MLR videos;  promoted Ray Edward’s webinar; published Mindset post;  helped 3 people
7/16/16 – 7/31/16
  • 7/16: Copywriting (Ray Edward) webinar
  • 7/17-7/19:  eBay Conference
  • 7/20: F/up emails for all lists
  • 7/21: F/up emails for all lists; worked on Ebay listing (5 hours)
  • 7/22: worked on eBay listing ( 5 hours); organize office for plates; FB connections
  • 7/23: F/up emals for LA HBS; FB connections
  • 7/24: helped 2 people
  • 7/25: helped 1 person
  • 7/26: eBay group
  • 7/27: helped 2 people; watched eBay video; started FB ad for IMF SF; updated IM Freedom Workshop post
  • 7/28:  promoted Supercharger event;
  • 7/29:  “Work with Me” Page updated; learned Aweber “tags” process for emails; promoted HBS San Diego and IMF SF
  • 7/30:  F/up emails for IMF SF and 3 others
  • 7/31: Broadcast emails for IMF SF
The above actions collectively resulted in the below numbers achieved by activity – (indicated if totals are to date) :
  • To date -F/up emails (method of calculating emails changed this month – numbers will be updated with new format beginning in August accomplishments’ previously numbers included both f/up and broadcast) – Make $ Online – 120 f/up and 19 broadcast, Financial Freedom –  36 and 12 broadcast, Start Business Blog – 27 (5 new) f/up and 14 broadcast , Buyers –  9 (6 new) f/up and 4 broadcast  
  • 6 (from 8) posts in blog
  • 21 (from 19) FB FP posts
  • 16 (from 24) FB posts
  • 4 (from 4) LinkedIn posts
  • FB advertising to promote IM Freedom Workshop in San Francisco = $28 (2015 reached + 12 likes of page + 11 engagements
  • to date – 135 (from 117) Fans on FB
  • to date – 578 (from 467) Friends on FB
  • to date – 113 Connections on LinkedIn
  • people reached out and developed relationships
  • participated in at least 1 weekly webinars/trainings (= 5)
  • finished 30-day physical activity challenge
  • created lead magnet FREE Report for website – “The Truth about Internet Marketing…”
My walk-away lessons

learned for this month were that consistency and taking action every day results in the completion of many activities that lead to finding and increasing the number of targeted leads, building relationships, and establishing  viable business.  Future months accomplishments will be tracked and compared to the previous month.

I also realize that I need to do even more.  I think I slacked off a little in July, thought did accomplish a lot.  Got disappointed by Affiliate company policies which made me less motivated. 

Putting a plan together and documenting the results is a great way to feel successful and accomplished. It accelerates your evolution and makes life that much more enjoyable.

Here are a few links to articles that explain the benefits of documenting your accomplishments and ways to document those accomplishments:

If this helped you and you got value, feel free to share with your teammates, on Facebook, and comment below.  


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2 thoughts on “Accomplishments in July 2015

  1. Hi Sara,

    Wow that is a lot of stuff you did for the month of July! Nice work. I think making a plan and then documenting it is a great way to hold yourself accountable. If you keep up that level of productivity you’ll get to where you want to go in no time.

    I am a fan of building relationships and make that my number 1 priority in everything I do online.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hey Kurt, thanks so much for your comment. I started making plans and writing my accomplishments (and making myself accountable) from the very beginning of my journey, back in November 2014. Going through the planning and documenting the accomplishments has helped me a lot and I am always amazed at what I get done and it motivates me to do even more in the subsequent months. I agree that the relationship building aspect of this business is also very key to success and making it a high priority in your business is a very smart.

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