Accomplishments for April 2015

Accomplishments for April – were they met?

Create daily plans that focuses on generating targeted leads and then Implement them!  Did I accomplish this overall Goal? See below to find out.

My Accomplishments for April were:h1_accomplishments


  • Black bold – completed activities initially listed for the month
  • Black – not completed
  • Green – activities from previous months  – not completed
  • Green bold – activities completed after initial list for month
  • Red bold – need to work on more next month
Blog : publish at least 3 posts a week
  • Published 2 blog posts: Plan for April 2015; How Important Targeted Traffic Really Is –
  • Blog ideas from previous months: Be your Own Coach; Marketing messages are exaggerated; Expose The truth about Internet Marketing; MOBE Newbies; Mindset; What is the No. 1 important thing? Traffic, Mindset, Sales, The Big Why
  • Publish 2 page “Solo ad provider” cheat sheet that provides information on solo ad providers, how to find them and what to ask them  to use as lead magnet in blog 
  • Create  follow up emails for blog subscribers 
  • Blog posts on putting a plan together from A-Z
  • Blog posts on what activities will lead to getting targeted leads
Solo Ads
  • Use “financial Freedom” capture page created in Leadpages for solo ad
  • Created Financial Freedom capture Page 4.0
  • Created 8 follow up emails for Financial Freedom List solo ad in Aweber
  • Added these follow up emails to Make Money on line List
  • Created targeted broadcast email to Make Money Online List on Home Business Summit
  • Put together outline for Planning and  Project Management Training
  • Other projects  – from previous months: Learn about SEO, Learn about Adsense/Adword
  • Fine tuned and finalized my first Avatar for Financial Freedom list. This is a biggee because without a fine tuned Avatar, messages and advertising will be ineffective
  • Posted on Facebook Personal and Fan Page
    • Have 378 friends and 82 fans
    • Home Business Summit and IM Freedom Workshop posts
    • Posted Thursday MOBE events
  • Helped 8 people extensively with their issues and problems 

Did a physical activity at least 3 times a week for Better Health –  includes walking, yoga, or yard work

The focus in April was follow up emails for solo ad campaign for Financial Freedom that will be launched in May.

Another focus of activities this month was on advertising.  Publishing posts and creating follow up emails are necessary in order to get targeted leads and build relationships. hope this post helped you with your Plan, your Accomplishments and just putting it all together.

If this helped you and you got value, feel free to share with your teammates, on Facebook, and comment below.  


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