15 Ways to Focus and Produce

Focus and produce        Focus and Produce…that is the key!

Study after study shows that people are less efficient when they do more than one thing at one time. In order to focus and produce, one has to “Follow One Course Until Successful”. That is the  gateway to success, in business and in life.  

So how does a person focus and produce better?

Focusing involves the ability to pay attention to things that will help and avoid distractions that will hurt your efforts.

You Really Can’t Think without Focus because it is the doorway to thinking — to perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem solving and decision making. 

All aspects of a person’s ability to think will suffer without focus. Without focus, you aren’t as effective in work because if you’re not concentrating on the right things or are distracted, you won’t be able to get your work done.

Without good focus, you are not able to be maximally efficient  because every time your mind wanders away from your work, you end up  wasting time.

And finally, you won’t be as productive as you can because your work output will not be of the highest quality and it will take you longer to do it.

So how does a person focus and produce better?

  1.           Start saying no (with a smile) more often                                                       
  2.           De-clutter your mind                                                                 
  3.           Prioritize your tasks                                                                    
  4.           Create a focused work space                        
  5.           Forget multitasking                                                                    
  6.           Schedule batch tasks     
  7.           Master your technology by turning it off – emails, phone, skype – all of it
  8.           Know where your stuff is
  9.           Use the Rule of Three Touches – meaning if you pick up a piece of paper or                   an object  more than 3 times and don’t do anything with it, throw it out
  10.           Keep a list where you can see it
  11.           Replace yourself for all but the most essential functions
  12.           Meditate (don’t medicate)
  13.           Sleep 8 hours
  14.            Plan fun
  15.            Focus on the 4 Ps -perform, process, and produce in the present. 

When you take control of your ability to focus and block out distractions, you give yourself a powerful tool that will enable you to perform at consistently high levels and be effective and efficient in your work, thereby resulting in better quality work, more success, and achievement of your professional goals.

Here is a link to some videos that Ray Higdon made on focusing and how to focus that will really help you out…  http://rayhigdon.com/?s=focus+   Watch, listen and learn!!

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